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Here's a brief run-down on the multi-ball feature on CENTAUR and CENTAUR II.
By the way, when the game is over, press a flipper button to see the names of
these features.  Also, the voice should echo!  There's a reverb unit these

A "orb" or "power orb" is a ball (for multi-ball play).
Balls are not locked on the playfield, they are represented by the 1-4
amber lights between and above the flippers.  You can "capture"/"lock"
light 1, 2, 3, or all 4.  Added to the ball in play, you can get 5
rolling about the field at one time.  Balls are put into play automatically
from a feed in the shooter lane that raises when a ball is fired from
a coil below the playfield.  Sometimes, the ball gets hung up and may
go to the shooter lane.  Now for some game features.  There are 2 release
targets, one behind the inline drop targets - the Chamber feature, and
one in the upper right above the shooter path.  When lit and hit, they will
release all captured balls.  Making the 4 guardian rollovers (the blue
lights above the lanes one the bottom sides that either go out or
back to the flipper) will release one ball.  By the way, when you get 3
guardians, the game will say guardian releases power orb.
There are 4 (white) drop targets below the 2 pop bumpers.  These are the
O R B S  targets.  Making them in order from left to right will also
release 1 ball.  Some features are switch settable.  See the description
for switches 15, 21, 22, 24.  Here's a run-down of what the switches do...
cpu board)

Switches description on off
1,2,3,4,5 credits/coin not important pricing settings
6 2x,3x,4x,5x bonus light lit light stays         off next ball
7               All other bonus lights  stay on next ball       only 20,40,60 on
8               Right 4 drop targets    1-3 drop next ball      all reset
9,10,11,12,13   credits/coin            not important pricing settings
14 inline drop targets lit lite stays nxt ball goes back to 10
15 Captured ball memory lit light stays lit all off nxt ball
16 Guardian Feature All 4 always releases release only 1ce
17, 18,19,20    credits/coin
21 last ball release on off
22 give 1 light at start?  yes no
23 tilt disqualifies ball in play game(2nd time)
24 Right target release when lit stays on off

Maximum credits
25 and 26 off, 10. 25 on 26 off, 15. 25 off 26 on, 25. 25 & 26 on, 40.

27 credits displayed yes no
28 match feature on off
29 Replays per game award? all only 1st
30 shoot balls every 15 min when game is over?  yes no

Balls per game
31 & 32 on, 2. 31 & 32 off, 3.  31 off and 32 on, 4. 31 on and 32 off, 5.

So, to get "maximum" multi-ball, set switches 15, 16, 24, 22, and 21 on.
If you want to "test", have switches 16 and 22 on, and push the 4
bottom rollovers, when all 4 blue lights go on, a ball should fire.
Or knock down the 4 center drop targets from left to right.
Hope this gets you going, and you can read the abbreviations....(nxt=next)
Bad move, human. - CENTAUR


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