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Premier Amusements Limited Warranty

Pinball Machine Repair Service


Premier Amusements (we/us/our) will warranty its workmanship for thirty (30) days and warranty new parts installed by us for thirty (30) days.  This warranty is provided to the person(s) listed as the “Bill to Customer” on the repair invoice (you).  This warranty is not transferable and cannot be extended or altered.


All valid warranty claims will be honored.  Premier Amusements will replace or repair, at our discretion, any new part, determined by us to have failed within the warranty period.  We will correct any prior repair performed by us and determined to be the direct cause of a malfunction of equipment repaired by us .  All warranty work will be performed free of charge.  Additional repairs made during the same visit where warranty work is performed will be documented on a new invoice and charged accordingly.  In such case there will be no in-home service fee charged to the customer.


All warranty claims must be submitted in writing and delivered to Premier Amusements, PO Box 10658, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20914, within the warranty period.  The customer may submit warranty claims by phone (443-450-4445) or by email (customer (DOT) service (AT) premier-md (DOT) com), however, these claims must be verified by us.  We are not responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected postal or electronic mail.


Warranty work will be performed at the next available time agreeable to both you and us.  We are not responsible for delays caused by weather or events beyond our control.


All work associated with a warranty claim carries a warranty of its own for a term equal to the original warranty period.


There is no warranty on repairs made to electromechanical games, due to their age and high rate of failure. These are typically machines manufactured prior to 1978.  New parts will carry the manufacturer's warranty with the term stated on the customer's invoice. There is no warranty on used parts.


All new parts and repairs are warranted for 30 days from the date of repair on solid state (electronic) games.  These are typically machines manufactured after 1977.  New parts may carry a manufacturer's warranty for a term greater than 30 days.  In such case, the warranty remains in effect for the term specified by the manufacturer.  This term will be stated on the customer's invoice.  The warranty strictly covers the repairs and parts stated on the customer's invoice.  No further warranty is implied.


Customers will be charged an in-home service fee if it is determined by our technician that a problem was not caused by a repair or part covered by the warranty while responding to a warranty claim.  The customer will also be charged for any additional repair and parts installed at that time.  We understand it may be difficult for a customer to determine the exact cause of a problem and cannot determine on their own if the problem is related to a repair or part covered by the warranty.  We will do the best we can to pre-diagnose the problem to avoid additional cost to the customer.

This warranty exclusively covers work performed and parts installed solely by Premier Amusements.  Any work performed on equipment by someone other than a Premier Amusement technician during the warranty period will void this warranty.  Premier Amusements’ liability is strictly limited to the correction of unsatisfactory repairs previously made by us.  Any and all damages resulting from a repair performed by us will be handled by us in good faith without any obligation and with out additional liability.


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